Why I.A.U Florya


Fully Equipped University Hospital

Istanbul Aydın University Hospital, which combines the academic approach of Aydın University with the understanding of VM that inspires from the term Value Added Medicine, aims to reach excellence in the field of healthcare with its patient-oriented approach, expert staff and advanced technology infrastructure.

Habits Evolve

Being put into service in Florya, Istanbul on March 2017, VM Medical Park Hospital of Istanbul Aydın University evolves habits in the field of healthcare services in the region with academic healthcare professionals, technological infrastructure and the quality of services that involves privileges of the Liv Concept. Being the first chain of VM concept in Istanbul, the Hospital offers general healthcare services with a capacity of 300 beds, 13 operating theaters and 92 outpatient clinic on an area of 51.000 m2.

The Privilege of Liv Concept is now available in Florya

Apart from admitting patients with state social security coverage (SGK), VM Medical Park Hospital of Istanbul Aydın University reserves a “Liv Concept" floor to meet healthcare needs of people with socioeconomic status A. Hospital is admitting patients in line with the prefect service concept of Liv Hospital, which is named after the initials of Leading International Vision and uses advanced diagnosis and treatment methods concurrently with the world. Offering services in line with the “Liv Concept", Istanbul Aydın University VM Medical Park Hospital meets divergent healthcare needs and expectations of the region

Specialized Branches

Being a university hospital with all medical and surgical branches, Istanbul Aydın University VM Medical Park Hospital adopts a superior patient-oriented service concept in the healthcare. Providing patients with healthcare services at international quality, the hospital will also pioneer in departments, such as gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, bariatric surgery and oncology.

We prioritize patient comfort

Analyzing and creating solutions for healthcare needs and demands, Istanbul Aydın University VM Medical Park Hospital renders personalized health services based on the understanding of 360-degree service and prioritizes the comfort of patients and relatives. In this end, 5-star hotel comfort is offered in patient rooms that are designed to meet various healthcare needs. Many special services, including but not limited to T.V. (all domestic and international canals are available), Internet, patient-specific diet and journals and newspapers, are offered to patients. Parking lot, ATM, place of worship and hairdresser are among the services that patient and relatives can easily access. Istanbul Aydın University VM Medical Park Hospital also has a Cafe/Restaurant that will welcome its guests with a good-humored service and delicious menu.

I.A.U. Florya Contact Details

​​Beşyol Mah. Akasya Sok. No: 4 Küçükçekmece İstanbul
+90 530 510 64 97