​Pediatric Urology Information Titles:

Surgical Diseases of Genitourinary System

·         Renal cysts, tumors and stones

·         Stricture of ureteropelvic junction (UPJ)

·         Stricture of ureterovesical junction (UVJ)

·         Enlargement of ureter, stones

·         Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR)

·         Urinary bladder infections, stones

·         Exstrophy Vesica (protrusion of the anterior bladder wall through the lower abdominal wall secondary to failure of the abdominal wall to close)

·         Hypospadias (a defect of urethra in male in which the opening of the tube that carries urine from the body (urethra) develops abnormally, usually on the underside of the penis)

·         Undescended testis, hydrocele, spermatic cord cyst

·         Infections including but not limited to epidydimorchitis (inflammation of testis), balanitis and postitis as well as prostatitis

·         Circumcision

·         Ovarian cyst, torsion in girls

·         Imperforate hymen, labial adhesions

Diagnosis and Treatment Methods in Pediatric Surgery and Pediatric Urology

·         Laparoscopic procedures

·         Endoscopic procedures

·         Esophagoscopy, gastroscopy, duodenoscopy

·         Colonoscopy, rectoscopy, anoscopy

·         Cystoscopy, ureteroscopy

·         Bronchoscopy

·         Urodynamic studies

·         Cystometry

·         Uroflowmetry

·         Motility studies

·         Esophageal manometry

·         Anal manometry

·         pH measurements (diagnosis of GER)​

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